SmartBear Hosts EuroSTAR Conferences Roadshow Meetup
Test and Monitor | Posted September 21, 2017

Two weeks ago, on September 7th, we hosted our first local meetup here in Galway, the location of our EMEA Headquarters on the west coast of Ireland! As part of the TeamSTAR 2017 "Host Your Own Roadshow" competition the team at EuroSTAR Conferences, invited leading software companies from all over Europe to host their own meetups and share in “The Magic of Testing.”

With SmartBear having a strong representation and fantastic experience over the years at the EuroSTAR Conference we just had to enter this competition, which also presented us with the opportunity to connect with the local tech community, provide an environment for collaboration and share insight into thought leadership around the magic of testing!

Being the only event hosted in Galway, and in fact Ireland, we were excited to represent! We collaborated with The PorterShed, a local innovation centre in Galway and

extended the invitation to the local tech community and some of our customer base to attend.

Aligning with the theme, SmartBear CTO (and creator of SoapUI) Ole Lensmar presented on the topic: The Magic Behind Faster API Development, Testing and Delivery with API Virtualization, communicating how API Virtualization can help you speed up your development, testing and delivery process.

“I found the presentation helpful and I really liked the relaxed presenting style. It gave me some new insights into API virtualization which I hadn’t considered before and I look forward to the next one” ~ Mary-Kate Heaslip, MetLife

With over 60 attendees wearing their EuroSTAR Conferences name tags, we had a really engaged audience, with a strong representation asking questions in relation visualization; how it would help with internal infrastructure teams and why would you choose virtualization instead of actual or dynamic mocking (check out this blog to find out!). Others were seeking advice from Ole and additional SmartBear team members on how to decide who takes ownership and responsibility of such virtualization of APIs. Check out these tweets from the audience:

“I found the session very informative, and can highly recommend it if you want an easy to understand explanation of API's and the vitally important purpose they serve in keeping the internet working. Ole had a very laid back and yet extremely helpful attitude and I look forward to the next one” ~ Darren Branagh, Apple

API virtualization is the process of using a tool that creates a virtual copy of your API, which mirrors all the specifications of your production API, and using this virtual copy in place of your production API for testing. Instead of setting up a whole separate server stack to mimic production, API virtualization aims to simulate the minimum behaviours of one or more API endpoints. To illustrate, API virtualization is the equivalent of allowing you (or, in this case, your testing team) to taste a cake – its flavour, texture, and all – before it has finished baking. To learn more about how API Virtualization can help you speed up your development, testing and delivery process, check out our SlideShare from Ole’s presentation.


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