SmartBear Bares Flex Load Testing at Adobe MAX
Test and Monitor | Posted October 11, 2011

Greetings all:

A few of the SmartBear crew has just returned from Adobe MAX in Los Angeles - the major annual Adobe user conference. With 5 days of content, nearly 20 parallel session and lab tracks, two fascinating keynote addresses produced in the best traditions of Hollywood (watch MAX Online), and more than five thousand people attending, it was a huge event not to miss.

Following our success with adding state of the art support for Adobe technologies in TestComplete, we were compelled to bring the word about
SmartBear to the biggest Adobe trade show - and we did. We showed off TestComplete and LoadComplete on the expo floor, along with 30+ other exhibitors. The SmartBear mascot was a hit of the show and definitely brought some smiles to those visiting our booth. See a picture on Facebook. We had scratch prize tickets, and one lucky attendee won an iPad 2! I finished off a great show by participating in an Adobe-sponsored panel on functional and regression testing.

Lino Tadros, from one of our partners, Falafel, was helping us demo Flash and Flex functional testing with TestComplete and the new preview version of LoadComplete supporting Flex load testing with his trademark engaging style. Generally, people were eager to talk about both our products and what their companies were doing, and share what trends they see in the Web and mobile technology space. Notably, Android seems to be getting more traction at the enterprise,
because of the free OS and cheap hardware that can be built in Asia. There was no shortage of inquiries about when we would have TestComplete for the MacOS ("yes, we are thinking about it") or for mobile ("yes, we have started working on it").

What was the new and cool technology stuff? Actually, a lot, and it would take too many posts to cover it all. Adobe's purchase of PhoneGap, a platform to develop mobile native apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, is a meaningful step in their general Web strategy to make developing apps for multiple platforms ("multiscreen") simple, and has quite interesting implications for test automation. Adobe released Flash 11 and AIR 3 technologies, which support better graphics and simpler development on more devices, including interfaces to native libraries. And Stage3D in Flash 11 player just blows your socks off. Adobe's integration of their enterprise solutions, including the recently acquired Day Software, which is now Adobe's Web Experience Management, is extremely impressive in enabling building of content rich Web sites with gazillion document sources in minutes with drag and drop.

All in all, it was a very exciting trip, and seeing Weezer live at the grand Adobe Bash made it even more memorable. See you at the MAX next year!



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