SmartBear and TestArmy Join Forces to Improve Software Quality in Europe
Test and Monitor | Posted July 02, 2018

TestArmy – Testing Special Forces

“TestArmy’s mission is to help make the IT world a better, safer place and by including SmartBear’s products into our portfolio, we can make it happen! Our experience and expertise will allows us to provide the clients not only with SmartBear products, but also education and support they have never even dreamt of.” Damian Szczurek, CEO of TestArmy


About Partner

TestArmy is an elite testing special forces unit operating worldwide. Their expertise is testing functionality, performance and security of everything that can be tested -- from banking apps to smart toothbrushes. The company has been keeping IT products secure and flawless for over 7 years in cooperation with companies from all over the world.

Apart from testing, TestArmy is also a training facility for companies and testers. We help making IT products faster, more secure and more useful not only by testing them, but also teaching how to develop better software and how to test it.


Partner Office Location: Wroclaw, Poland


About the Partnership:

TestArmy is not just a reseller. As a well-established testing and education facility, the partner not only sells Smartbear’s products, but also implements, trains, and provides support to clients.

TestArmy’s biggest differentiator is their attention to detail and military grade versatility. Their experts have years of experience in using all sorts of testing tools and delivering training courses. All of their 50+ testers are ISTQB Certified. The team helps smoothy implement Smartbear solutions in clients’ systems and ensures the tools are secure and work as intended. 

The Smartbear and TestArmy partnership is constructed in a multi-layer way. Together, the companies provide the customers with high quality products and solutions to ensure satisfied at 100%.

“We are very excited to be partnering with TestArmy in support of our growing global Channel business,” said Darin Welfare, Vice Present International at SmartBear.  “TestArmy’s approach to implementation, training and support will compliment well with SmartBear’s market leading software quality tools. We look forward to a long and valued partnership!”


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