Selenium 101: Your Ultimate Toolkit for Taking Off with Test Automation
Test and Monitor | Posted April 16, 2018

Being a software tester is a responsibility that few fully understand.

There’s enormous pressure to cover as much of the application as possible, but also to have an eye for detail. You’re expected to test quickly so the new iteration can be deployed on schedule, but it’s unacceptable if a bug is missed.

As organizations begin shifting left, there are certain expectations for testers to use automation in attempt to meet this criteria. While teams are making the effort to test earlier and more often, Selenium is the tool that allows them to do this.

Unfortunately, jumping from manual tester to automation expert isn’t always easy. While Selenium has been a game-changer for many teams, it’s an open source tool that doesn’t come without its many challenges. However, once you understand how to handle them, writing stable tests becomes infinitely easier.

CrossBrowserTesting wants you to have the resources to create suites that will be a key factor in your automation success. In our Selenium 101 Series, we aimed to highlight some of your most commons questions on how to build a better Selenium script.

Start by learning about what Selenium is and why software companies are embracing test automation. You can also discover what exactly goes in a script by checking out our interactive Selenium anatomy.

Once you have a foundation of the Selenium basics, dive into our tutorials:

These guides cover common Selenium issues, complete with step-by-step directions and code examples that you can use to build out your existing scripts.

Additionally, there are also plenty of ways to make your Selenium scripts go further. Learn how to stabilize your tests and avoid flakiness, or find out how to enhance your suite with CrossBrowserTesting.

No matter where you are in the journey from manual to automated testing, you don’t have to go it alone. Once you tackle the most prominent Selenium challenges, you’ll be on your way to mastering test automation.

Take our quiz to test your Selenium knowledge and see where you stand when it comes to test automation. Then check out the full Selenium toolkit to see the entirety of our 101 series.


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