Scott Barber’s Two Key Software Lessons from Game Developers
Test and Monitor | Posted July 09, 2013

Our small world of software testing has big impact on the lives of most humans on the planet. At this point, if software doesn’t work well, our economies, our social lives, and even our security could be threatened. And within that small world with such big impact, Scott Barber is something of celebrity. He stands out for his long career in software testing and his highly sought after advice.  An author, speaker, and consultant, Scott is currently the Chief Technologist, President and CEO of PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Given Scott’s reputation for professionalism and insight, I was thrilled when he agreed to do an interview for our blog. We spoke about many things over the course of our hour-long conversation, from how testing has changed over the last decade to the impact of mobile. I’ll be sharing different clips of the interview over the next few weeks, but I wanted to start with one of my favorite subjects… game innovation! Turns out, it’s one of Scott’s too.

Lesson #1 from the Gaming Industry: The Interaction of Software and Hardware.


Lesson #2 from the Gaming Industry: How to be Efficient in Our Multi-User Environments.

Stay tuned for more clips from my interview with Scott, and please let me know what other subjects you’d like to see us feature here on the SmartBear blog.

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