Saving the Marriage (Between Your Website and Its Users)
Test and Monitor | Posted February 14, 2013

Usually, Valentine's Day focuses on happy, storybook relationships where the girl posts overly-filtered photos to Instagram and the guy posts about their first world problems on Reddit. We're bombarded with images of smiling couples with their perfect teeth and well-behaved children frolicking in a meadow.

How nice. But what about the rest of us?

I prefer to use this day as a retrospective to consider some relationships that actually need some work. Oftentimes, it's the one between your website and its users.

This presentation discusses how to evaluate the strength of this union and what you can do to improve it. Take some advice from this rather condescending therapist (pictured below) and see how you can improve your website's user experience.

Happy Valentines day, fellow Web geeks!

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