Robust Testing and Defect Management at 10x Lower Cost
Test and Monitor | Posted February 08, 2017

For a company that delivers 1.34 billion litres of drinking water and removes 847 million litres of waste water a day, any slight defects in software could have immense repercussions. Scottish Water realised the importance of software testing and defect management and turned to QAComplete to ensure high quality software was standard.

If you’re unfamiliar with QAComplete, it's a modern, comprehensive test management platform, giving your extended team insight into all of your tests, requirements and defects.

"The main drivers for us are the extensive functionalities QAComplete offers at a low cost," said Peter McInally, Technology Build and Test Manager at Scottish Water. "This makes it much easier for  me to prove a high return on the investment that we can expect by implementing QAComplete. Add to that the customisation capacities of QAComplete, and we can easily modify the tool as per the processes that our offshore development and testing teams follow."

McInally noted that they also looked at tools like HP Quality Center and IBM Rational TestManager and decided that their expense did not justify the ROI in comparison to QAComplete, a tool that costs approximately 10X less.

Today Scottish Water uploads software requirements into QAComplete from spreadsheets and Orbus iServer so the requirements can be viewed and traced in QAComplete as the testing and defect management process takes place. Both their internal and outsourced software teams use the 40+ reports available in QAComplete to exhibit defect trending, test coverage, traceability, etc.

"QAComplete is proving to be a big benefit to our software developers in helping them to mitigate defects and speed up the overall development process as much as possible," said McInally.

Interested in learning more? Read the full Scottish Water case study.

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