Regular Expression Evalulator for DelphiScript
Test and Monitor | Posted March 07, 2006

Hints on converting TestComplete 3 plug-ins to TestComplete 4. As well as the converted HISutils plug-in for regular expressions.

Note: HISUtils has only been tested with TestComplete 4.11

I used the TestComplete SDK to convert the plug-in.  Some things to note, it is a little hard to find the information in the help about creating a plug-in that is not a project item like HISUtils.  I also only converted the regular expression part of the plug-in (if you want the rest send me an email).  In order to do a non project item plug-in, the following interface need to be moved from the project item (in the help file example) to the plug-in:

Both  Code Completion and the Runtime object are created in the initialization pro cedure:

Other than that, the code it similar to creating a project item.


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