Realising the Cost Savings/Value of Migrating to QAComplete
Test and Monitor | Posted May 23, 2018

Some test teams are happy to take risks, some are happy to pay over the odds, and some are even happy just to waste time and effort while others understand the clear benefits of running with the right tools for the job.

When it comes to safe guarding years of test collateral such as your test cases, test data, historical results, and evidence, running with an outdated, even unsupported, test management tool is a risk that most aren’t prepared to take. Paying well over the odds for a tool delivering far more than you’ll ever use can be an uncomfortable truth you just live with. Struggling with inadequate tools that aren’t up to the job (like Excel) is a situation that test teams find themselves in from time to time.

In most cases what prevents test team’s moving to the right tool is inertia. It’s not that the desire isn’t there. Rather, finding the right way and allocating the resources is just another task you really don’t need on your to do list. Yet if you stopped to look at the potential benefits this might just be a task that quickly heads to the top of your to do list.

You need a clear understanding on what’s involved technically to migrate such as:

  • A clear plan setting out tasks that show your team an easy way forward.
  • Confidence that the better solution really is out there all of these factors will overcome that inertia.

Look carefully at the benefits, work out what’s involved and perhaps even find a helping hand to show you the way. A tiny bit of work up front and I think you’ll find that inertia evaporates quite quickly.

In this session we address all of the above and much more. Join us Thursday 24th May to discuss how migrating to QAComplete will help alleviate all of the unnecessary concerns you may have.

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Author: Bill Echlin, Traq Software (