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Test and Monitor | Posted May 24, 2011

TestComplete 8.5 Can Help Simplify Your Life and Speed Up Your

Adobe Flex and Flash, Silverlight and Web Testing


Today we released the latest TestComplete, version 8.5. Over the past couple of releases, we have spent quite a bit of effort and resources working on web testing and rich Internet testing capabilities, Adobe Flash and MS Silverlight in particular. We are very excited about the fact that TestComplete 8.5 is the first functional test tool to support the latest and greatest Flex 4.5 release from Adobe. Right now we think we have one of the best automated testing tools for the Adobe Flash & Flex platform.

Michael Labriola, Senior Consultant at Digital Primates, a consultancy that specializes in Adobe’s Flash Platform, in particular, Flex, shared: “TestComplete reduces the amount of time it takes to test Flex applications and custom components. Using TestComplete we can create more functional tests, in less time, without the frustration of other commercial tools.”

Microsoft and Mozilla continued to keep us on our toes with almost simultaneous final releases of new Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, but we are happy to report that both IE9 and FF4 are now supported! Below is the summary list of all recent major enhancements available in TestComplete 8.5:

Web & RIA Testing

  • Support for Adobe Flex 4.5. TestComplete version 8.5 introduces support for the new recent release of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 SDK. TestComplete works with all commonly used versions of Flex, starting from 3.3. As TestComplete does not directly use Adobe Automation API, there is no need to maintain automation libraries for your custom components, which can save you a considerable amount of time. To learn more, see Testing Flex Applications.

  • Direct access to Flex native methods.
    In addition to public native properties of objects in tested Flash, Flex and Flex-based AIR applications, you can now call public native methods of Flex objects by using the FlexObject property in your TestComplete test scripts. Check out the details in the technical paper on this subject by Nick Olivo "Enhancing Flash and Flex Automated Tests with Native Object Methods in TestComplete 8.5".

  • Support for Adobe Spark DataGrid controls. TestComplete now supports correct capture and simulation of user actions on Spark DataGrid controls in Flex applications utilizing a new SparkDataGrid test object.

  • Testing using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 & Firefox 4.0. Create and run functional tests of web applications in the newest versions of the popular Microsoft and Firefox browsers.

  • No-hassle Silverlight 4 Testing. Testing Silverlight applications is greatly simplified as TestComplete is now able to automatically process them “on the fly” in the browser, to enable access to the application’s internal objects, methods and properties. There is no need to pre-process them with the tcAgPatcher utility, as with the previous versions. For detailed information, see Testing Silverlight Applications.

  • New EvaluateXPath function. A new EvaluateXPath function of the Page object enables simpler searches for web page elements in test scripts by using the XPath syntax.

General Improvements

  • New test summary panel. The Summary panel of the Project Log and Project Suite Log pages now includes a graph with statistics about the project or project suite run.

  • Support for Telerik WinForms & .NET controls. TestComplete 8.5 includes special methods and properties that let you easily simulate user actions over Telerik WinForms and .NET controls.

  • Clear status message after a checkpoint insertion. When a checkpoint is inserted during test recording, TestComplete 8.5 displays a notification message so the user is clear that the checkpoint was registered. Before, when a user created a checkpoint during, TestComplete inserted the checkpoint into the test and continued recording without any notifications.

  • Additional automation for distributed tests run with the network suite. Now, TestComplete is able to automatically log on/off onto remote computers used in distributed testing with the network suite. For more information, see Opening User Sessions on Remote Computers.

  • Bugzilla 4 integration. You can now submit bug reports to Bugzilla ver. 4 directly from the TestComplete IDE and from your tests. See Working With Issue-Tracking Systems.

With TestComplete 8.5, we also discontinued support for older versions of some tools, applications, and libraries, including older Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms. Please refer to the full release notes for details. If you have any unanswered questions regarding the release of TestComplete 8.5, please read the “What’s new in TestComplete 8.5” release notes, check out the online help section of our support portal, or visit our user forum for online discussions.

If you want to see firsthand the newest features, sign up for our Webinar: “What’s New in TestComplete 8.5: Enhanced Web, Adobe Flash®, and Microsoft Silverlight Testing to see TestComplete Expert Nick Olivo walk through these enhancements.

DATE: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TIME: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

REGISTER: http://www2.smartbear.com/sb_webinar_tc_whatsnew85_website.html

Let all your tests pass,

Sergei Sokolov