QAComplete 11.9 Provides Teams With a Single View into All of Their Testing Activities, including UI Testing, Exploratory Testing, and API Testing
Test and Monitor | Posted October 01, 2018

We are excited to announce the latest release of QAComplete, our customizable test case management tool.QAComplete 11.9 includes many updates and exciting features to make your life easier while also speeding up your delivery cycles and providing complete visibility into your testing processes. Here at SmartBear, we’re always looking to continuously improve our products with new features and integrations to adapt to the way you’re already working.

Highlights of this release include:

  • NEW Exploratory Testing Capabilities: We’ve added new functionality to enable ad-hoc recording of test activities. You can now record your manual steps as they happen, save them as a test, and generate new manual tests based on the recorded steps.
  • NEW Integration with CrossBrowserTesting: You can now use CrossBrowserTesting from within QAComplete to execute manual tests across 1500+ real desktop and mobile browsers
  • NEW ReadyAPI Integration: ReadyAPI now seamlessly integrates with QAComplete to provide complete visibility into all of your API testing needs in addition to other testing types including automated UI tests and exploratory tests.

What’s the Importance of Exploratory Testing in QAComplete?

QAComplete has always provided a way for you to integrate your automated and manual UI tests and API tests, but now we’ve also included a way for you to complete those important exploratory tests, on the fly. Exploratory testing is a type of freeform testing where you don’t need to follow any scripted steps. It often times involves testers manually examining different parts of an application to catch important bugs that may be missed in automated functional testing. With this new exploratory testing feature, you can find bugs sooner, create defects easier, and test faster on the largest selection of desktop and mobile browsers available- all in QAComplete. Here’s how it works:




Run Your Exploratory Tests on 1500+ browsers with CrossBrowserTesting Integration

Once you’ve gotten a hold of the whole exploratory testing thing—you can then take those testing efforts to the next level with the integration between QAComplete and CrossBrowserTesting. What will this allow you to do? You can now use CrossBrowserTesting from within QAComplete to execute manual tests across 1500+ real desktop and mobile browsers. This will let you test on *real* devices that your users will be using your application on—to guarantee they have the closest thing to a flawless experience as possible.




Round Out Your API Testing Activities with the Native ReadyAPI Integration

QAComplete has always had a native integration with TestComplete and other UI testing solutions. With QAComplete 11.9, we have also now included an out-of-the-box ReadyAPI integration. With a simple click of a button, you can add all of your API tests from ReadyAPI into QAComplete.

So, Why QAComplete?

QAComplete is the go-to agile test management tool that adapts to the way your team works. No matter what types of testing you’re doing whether it be UI testing, API testing, or exploratory testing, QAComplete’s got you covered by providing you with the complete visibility into all of your teams testing activities. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try for free today!