Project Summary in TestComplete 6.11
Test and Monitor | Posted January 29, 2008

Quite often, you need to get the project summary, such as the routine count or the line count for a script unit or a project. The latest TestComplete update, ver. 6.11, includes an enhanced Code Explorer that generates this information for you. So, you can now determine the number of routines and lines in a project suite, project or unit without physically counting them.

The project summary is displayed under the [Unit metrics] node with the glyph:

Project summary in the Code Explorer panel

On the image above, you may notice several [Unit metrics] nodes. This is because TestComplete provides summary info for the entire project suite as well as for individual projects and script units.

This is not only statistical information, it can also help you organize your projects better. For example, if your project contains a large number of routines located in a few units, you may want to add more units and re-organize the routines. Test framework development is another example of this; you can use the lines count metric to measure the framework creation progress and estimate the time for creating new routines.

What other project metrics would you like to see? We welcome all suggestions from our customers. To submit your suggestions, please email:

For a complete list of new features and changes in TestComplete 6.11, see:


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