Peer Code Review: An Agile Process
Test and Monitor | Posted November 15, 2009

The Agile Development Practices conference was held last week in Orlando. I had never attended, but I had read positive reviews (e.g. here).  Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, I was only able to attend for part of Thursday.

The sessions that I was able to sit in on were well done.  Of particular note, David Hussman used comparisons to music production (another of his skills) to describe how to grow agile practices that endure.

The conference organizers gave me a speaking slot to discuss something I've been thinking about for a while: the alignment of peer code review with agile development practices.  My goal was to convince the attendees that code review is a natural part of agile.

Many developers have had bad experiences with peer code review: too many meetings, too many edicts from above, too much flaming, etc.  As a result, they have trouble believing that code review could ever be part of the developer's (alleged) paradise known as agile methods.

The presentation went well - it was a small crowd but they all stayed until the end and there were some good questions, which always makes it more fun.

I have posted the slides:

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The audio is here and the slides are pretty useless without it.  That is by design - I don't believe in doing slideuments.  As an example, slide # 4 is completely black, because I prefer to present naked.  :-)

If you want to skip around a bit instead of listening to all the audio, I've put together a table of contents:

Slide Time Topic
10:00:00Alignment with Agile
300:19:52Are the meetings necessary?
400:24:24Code review without meetings
490:42:50Efficient use of time
590:59:35Social effects
711:11:40Q & A

Instead of the slides and/or audio, you can save time by reading the white paper I wrote to go along with the presentation, Peer Code Review: An Agile Process. You'll miss out on the stories and examples, but the meat of the material is in there.


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