Overcoming 6 Common Software Testing Challenges - Webinar Q&A
Test and Monitor | Posted January 13, 2012

We thank everyone who joined us for our Webinar presentation, Break Free with Tips and Tricks on Overcoming 6 Common Testing Challenges, which is now available on-demand for those who may have missed it. Below, our presenters answered some of your questions that we did not have time for during the live event. We hope you find it valuable. Please feel free to ask any additional questions in the comments.

TestComplete Questions

Q: What scripting language is used in TestComplete? 

TestComplete supports 5 different scripting languages that you can choose from - VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C#Script and C++Script

Q: You might have mentioned this but what browsers can we test with. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari?.

TestComplete supports IE 6-9 and Firefox 3.6 -8. Support for Chrome was just released in January of 2012.

Q: Are extensions pre-defined or they can be created by power users?.

Extensions can be created by power users.

Q: What are network requirements for network tests? Can they be run across distributed geographic locations (e.g. within VPN)?

Network suite tests can be run across a VPN - so long as you can ping a system, it will be able to participate in a distributed test.

Q: Can SmartBear be run in multiple virtual machines so multiple automated tests can be scheduled to run in parallell?

Yes, SmartBear supports virtual environments.

ALMComplete and QAComplete Questions

Q: What are the benefits of QAComplete over HP, QTP?

Works with all browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome) where HP Quality Center only works with IE. QAComplete has integration not only with QTP but also our automated testing tool, TestComplete. QAComplete is also one fifth the price of HP Quality Center.

Q: How many Browsers and OS does QAComplete support as a tool and how many browsers and OS does it support at one point of time?

All O/S, All major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome)

Q: Is there transition from HP Quality Center to QAComplete? And how complex is it?

Yes, we have a HP Quality Center conversion tool that converts all your HP QC requirements, tests and defects. It automatically sets up the same folder structures, and allows you to copy over users and other settings.

Q: We have test cases and requirements in Excel. Can those be imported into SmartBear?

Yes, you can easily import them.

Q: We can integrate this tool [QAComplete] with others tools? You provide API´s for that?

Yes, we have a full featured Web Services API that you can see in the User’s Guide


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