Outperform this Holiday Season: Testing for Peak Success
Outperform this Holiday Season: Testing for Peak Success
Test and Monitor | Posted August 29, 2019

In today’s age, consumers expect quality and speed all the time – whether they’re using an app to order a ride, making a purchase, or doing research on which health insurance plan to select.

The most important factors that consumers consider when visiting your website or your application are uptime, speed, and functionality. Consider these statistics:

  1. 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load
  2. A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions
  3. A 2-second delay during a sales transaction results in abandonment rates of up to 87%
  4. If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost up to $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

Take Amazon for example. We’ve all heard about Prime Day. This year, Amazon held Prime Day on July 15 and July 16. Within the first hour alone, consumers were already complaining about the website’s poor performance – they were unable to add deals to their carts! It’s estimated that Amazon lost millions of dollars in sales during those two days. Not only is the monetary loss staggering, but the negative sentiments shared by consumers on social media really damage the company’s reputation.


So even if we’re focusing on performance under heavy load, why are we still experiencing so many issues that are preventable? Because doing performance testing is hard and time-consuming.

Load Testing Your APIs

When it comes to testing your APIs, there are a few practices that make it challenging for organizations:

  • Not folding load testing into the existing functional testing process. If you’re doing load testing separately from functional testing, you’re just spending more time and effort than needed. By tying your API functional testing and load testing into the same process, you can easily load test the exact same API scenario you’re functionally testing – it becomes one easy motion as opposed to two. This is entirely possible if you’re using SoapUI for functional testing. With LoadUI Pro, you can easily take any API scenario in SoapUI and load test it in one seamless motion.
  • Getting lost in the data. Gathering metrics for APIs can be tedious and complex, and you’re never quite sure which metrics are relevant to watch. Find a load testing tool that provides reports that relay information in charts and tables that are digestible, relevant, and easy to share with other teams. With LoadUI Pro, you’ll also get insights into server monitoring metrics so that you can watch the correlation between hardware and software.LoadUI-Pro.png

Sample Test Run Results in LoadUI Pro

  • Installing load test on multiple machines. If you need to install your load test on multiple machines (could be physical or in the cloud i.e. from Amazon) just to scale – you’re wasting valuable time and effort. LoadUI Pro gives you the capability to easily scale and distribute your load testing from one machine to multiple in just minutes.

What are the tricks to effortless API load testing? It’s tying your API functional and load testing into one seamless and existing motion, using a tool that makes it easy to digest data in relevant charts and tables – including server monitoring so you watch the correlation between hardware and software, and using a tool that allows you to easily scale your load testing from one machine to multiple within minutes. Doing these here will ensure that your APIs will function under heavy load.

Load Testing Your Web Applications

Similarly, load testing your web application could be strenuous and time consuming:

  • Script creation requires coding. It can take anywhere between hours and days to write and run a script just for transactions. If you’re using a tool that requires dynamic correlation or programming for playback and scripting to capture client-side AJAX, you’re spending too much time just even setting up for load tests. LoadNinja is a different load testing tool that allows you to create scripts from the client side that requires no dynamic correlation or programming for playback and no scripting to capture client-side AJAX.LoadNinja.png

Recorded steps in LoadNinja. Scripts are created by recording steps.

  • Translation time is long during handoff from performance tester to developer. Does your team or organization currently fall into the trap of taking too long to transfer from development to testing? Waiting for development to finish work before testing means taking more time to test, identify issues, and debug. Make sure you start testing earlier and more often in the software development lifecycle in order to avoid this bottleneck. Use a load testing tool like LoadNinja, which provides developer-friendly metrics that’s understandable out-of-the-box so that you don’t have to spend time translating that information over to your development team.
  • Not testing in real browsers. If you’re not testing in real browsers that your users will be experiencing your application in, you’re not really able to correlate test results with end user experience. This can be counterproductive and uninformative. LoadNinja’s TrueLoad technology uses real browsers at scale for load tests, creating the most realistic and accurate representation of load on the infrastructure supporting the web application under test.

The tricks here to easily load test your web applications are to find a tool that require no dynamic correlation or programming for playback, no scripting to capture client side AJAX, test early and test often in collaboration with your dev team, and testing in real browsers at scale to get a holistic view of how end users experience your application under stress. Doing all of these will ensure that you are preparing your application for peak success.

SmartBear Ensures Peak Performance

It won’t be perfect this holiday season, but it can get pretty close to it. With SmartBear tools to help you do performance testing – of both your APIs and your web applications – you can sit back and watch the festivities unfold over the next few months.

 Start your free LoadUI Pro trial and LoadNinja trial today.


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