Our 5 Favorite Software Quality Posts of 2012
Test and Monitor | Posted December 31, 2012

With the end of 2013 right around the bend, I took some time this weekend to look back at the articles, videos, pictures and random projects that we've published over the course of this year. What I realized is that it's been a crazy year here at SmartBear Software: We've laughedwe've cried, and we've sung ... which actually just led to more crying.

I also asked some of the people on my team to pick their own personal favorite posts. The posts we came up with aren't necessarily the ones that got the most views, they're the ones that we found most enjoyable and useful. So, before you break out the champagne and celebrate the beginning of 2013, here's a chance to take a look back at some of our choices for best picks of the year. Enjoy!


Cost of poor Web performancegreen 1The Cost of Poor Web Performance [INFOGRAPHIC] 

This SmartBear infographic, also seen on Mashable, highlights the brutal consequences of less-than-awesome load times and mobile performance during the holiday shopping season and beyond. 


Ways to contribute to open sourcegreen 214 Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Rock Star 

Open source software has changed computing around the world, and we're sure many of you would love to contribute (if you haven't already). The problem is that many people just don’t know where to start. Here are several ways to contribute even if you lack confidence in your technical chops.


Should computer science classes be more practical?green 3Math Nerds vs. Code Monkeys: Should Computer Science Classes Be More Practical?

Should computer science programs be less theoretical and more practical? Often, students miss out on many job-essential skills at school, and companies must offer them months of training before they become productive. In the meantime, creative technical minds like Gates and Zuckerberg are dropping out of school. This post examines both sides of the argument.


Air Force's software blundergreen 4The Air Force's $1 Billion Software Flop [Part 1] 

When @lindybrandon heard that the Air Force was scrapping a project to overhaul its legacy software system and replace it with a more modern system, she felt compelled to write about the time she spent working as a civilian with the Air Force. Here's the first article of her insightful series about what went wrong, and how your company can avoid making similar mistakes.


Lipstick on a pig

green 5Unprepared Geeks - "Lipstick on a Pig" 

Everyone on the team agreed that we couldn't leave it out. Unprepared Geeks, our biweekly video-podcast, was born this year out of our SmartBear-Sweden office. Take my word for it, these guys are a riot. In this episode, the crew talks about creating their own coding language and Microsoft's buggy release of Windows 8.


Feel free to comment below if you have a favorite post that we failed to mention! Thank you all for reading our Software Quality Matters blog through 2012. We hope to continue providing you with increasingly useful and entertaining posts in 2013.

Happy New Year!




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