No More Late Night Alarms: Rest Easy with DejaClick and AlertSite
Test and Monitor | Posted January 14, 2013

We know how it goes: You create a Web monitor to make sure your order processing is working and then one night your programmed alerts wake you up. A quick check of the site shows everything working normally… so what happened?

Well, it’s never that easy. The script you were relying on to validate the order processing flow wasn’t robust enough to handle an “Out of Inventory” situation so when the stock ran out, so did your monitor’s ability. As we exit the holiday shopping season, this may be a more frequent occurrence than usual. There may be times when completing that task is not possible (the item is out of stock), but you don’t want an error to be reported by your monitor because nothing is actually malfunctioning on your site. Instead the desired outcome is to build a more durable script by searching for an alternate product when the original item is out of stock. Nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night because there aren’t any more size 8 blue pumps.

Or another scenerio: Your marketing department decided to do a little A/B testing with the product ordering pages and nobody thought the Ops guy needed to know. So now your monitor sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work … depending on whether it hits the page you originally recorded or not.

Don’t worry. We got your back.

DejaClick’s Branching = Durable Monitors

If you are already a DejaClick user (and it’s free so why wouldn’t you be?), you're already accustomed to the drop-dead easy interface for recording scripts and using them in AlertSite as Web performance monitors. Now we’ve also made sure you can sleep through the night by giving you a way to create branches in those scripts using the exact same recording interface. If you've been using other products to build your monitor scripts, you know that creating a branch can be a time-consuming and difficult activity with a lot of manual scripting.

Over the years we have run into a number of customer requests for the ability to conditionally skip or replay some user events of a Web transaction monitor. We’ve now added this branching capability to DejaClick, which allows it to "branch" away from the default sequence of events to handle an alternate scenario.

Using your new powers

Here are some quick tips for using this functionality:

Decide which monitors really need to branch.

There’s no reason to overcomplicate your monitoring; some scripts just need a happy path, while others will inaccurately report failures without a branch.

Plan your branch ahead of time.

We’ve given you a lot of power in this one feature so it’s worth taking the time to map out the type of branch you want (there are several types), the conditions under which it can occur (again, we’ve given you a lot of choices), and what happens when the branch ends.

Review your data set.

It’s more than just a path through the Web pages – make sure that the data you’ve chosen to use will result in a durable monitor. For example, if you choose black pumps as your alternate product but you are almost always out of black pumps, that won’t solve your reason for branching in the first place.

With a little upfront planning, you can create some very robust and durable monitors using DejaClick’s recording capability and AlertSite’s playback capability. Durability is what this feature is all about.

And now for a little video demonstration…

The video below is our very own Brian Hutchinson creating a commerce checkout transaction that searches on an alternate product when the primary product is out of stock.

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