New Test Automation Ranking by Independent Research Firm Marks a Major Shift in the Market
Test and Monitor | Posted August 14, 2018

A few weeks ago, Forrester completed their Forrester Wave Report for Omnichannel Functional Test Automation Tools for Q3 2018. Using 26-criteria, Forrester researched, analyzed and scored the 15 most significant test automation providers where Forrester recognizes SmartBear as 1 of only 3 vendors to improve ranking since the last wave report. This was driven by:

         * Superior test automation capabilities

         * A strong TDD & BDD solution

         * Validation of customer success

         * Significant contributions to the open source community


SmartBear believes that Forrester’s rankings validate the continued momentum SmartBear has experienced in the last 18 months by providing test automation tools that are robust, yet easy to try, implement and use by software development teams with any level of testing experience, technical expertise, and on any platform.


We believe our big jump in Forrester’s Wave ranking marks a major shift taking place in the Test Automation market. Software development teams no longer want to be shackled by complex, expensive test automation platforms. The market is moving toward tools that foster collaboration, are open and interoperable, and are frictionless to try, implement, and use—and this is core to our product strategy at SmartBear.


SmartBear leads the strong performers category in the Forrester’s Wave ranking with an industry leading portfolio of test automation tools including: Ready API, TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, TestLeft, TestServer, QAComplete, and Hiptest.  Here at SmartBear we focus on providing a flexible set of tools to fit seamlessly into the way teams are already working today.


To learn more about the Forrester Wave for Omnichannel Functional Testing Tools click here. To learn more about moving from manual to automated testing today, check out this free Test Automation Starter Kit.