New Load Testing Tool and a New SmartBear Product - LoadComplete
Test and Monitor | Posted July 20, 2011

Greetings from SmartBear:


SmartBear LoadComplete is now officially available, with supporting Web pages and videos to help you get started. LoadComplete is our brand new performance testing tool for load, stress, and scalability testing of web applications developed by the brilliant TestComplete crew. Using LoadComplete, you can record and replay realistic application usage scenarios and monitor the application performance and key infrastructure metrics in real time under the load of hundreds and thousands of automatically generated concurrent users. This lets you easily identify performance problems with web applications as they happen, investigate their possible causes, and remedy them before launching or updating a web site.

LoadComplete uses a highly automated testing workflow, featuring interactive context-sensitive help, automatic recording of user scenarios (without the need to code scripts), multiple options for definition of load profiles, advanced capabilities for handling session variables and other types of dynamic data, as well as utilizing prepared data for customizing tests for different virtual users. LoadComplete enables you to develop load tests without any scripting at all, and run them in the interactive mode or from the command line.

LoadComplete brings the following out of the box features to the load testing table:

  • Automatic recording of user scenarios to create load tests without scripting.
  • Customizable load profiles to set up representative load variations for different periods of usage, including steady load, ramp-up and custom load shaping.
  • Configurable Quality of Service thresholds to set performance acceptance criteria directly related to end user experience.
  • Data wizard to easily expand tests with prepared or automatically generated data sets corresponding to different virtual users.
  • Automatic server side monitoring for common performance metrics to identify weak spots on the Web server side and ensure the infrastructure can handle an application’s demands.
  • Real-time graphical test reports to visually correlate changes in error rate, response time and throughput with variations in load for timely in-depth performance analysis.

If you were wondering, no, LoadComplete is not a repackaged load engine from TestComplete. You may recognize some of the editors and dialogs used in the load testing module of TestComplete 8.x, but in reality LoadComplete is a substantially different Bear, which becomes easily apparent when you give LoadComplete a trial run. We have a very ambitious and exciting roadmap that we are already working to implement, so stay tuned for the announcement of new capabilities and – yes – Beta programs later in the year.

To learn more, please visit the LoadComplete web page at, if you haven't already. A free LoadComplete trial is just one click away.

Load it up!

Sergei Sokolov

Director of Product Management

Test and Performance Solutions


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