Need your Website Updated? Just make a Note!
Test and Monitor | Posted January 31, 2013

Let's face it, everyone is always busy these days. Seriously, how often do you hear anyone say, "I've got so much free time this week"? But nobody is busier than a small business owner, who is often forced to wear six different hats on a daily basis. One of those hats usually involves managing updates and changes to their company website. And most of the time they have a website design resource working as a consultant to help.

So, small business owner, let me ask you directly: With such so much on your plate, how do you find time to markup and comment on changes for your own website? How do you make sure they'll remember elements of other web pages that you'd like incorporated by your own web developers?

Our answer is DejaClick!

DejaClick is SmartBear's free web macro recorder and playback plugin for Firefox. Specifically, the DejaNotes feature turns DejaClick into a great little annotation and collaboration tool.

Take a look at some examples of me marking up our own web pages using each of the different annotation styles:


Sticky style notesBalloon style notes

Balloon style notesThought style notes


Annotate style notesdescribe the imagePlain style notes


And here's a quick video demonstration of me using DejaNotes to ask our web guy for a few changes on our own website:


In addition to markup and annotation, I’ve also seen customers utilize the DejaNotes features to document transaction scenarios and provide guidance to support personnel on what they should be expecting to see from the application or who they should contact.

Try DejaClick for yourself by navigating to in your Firefox browser and clicking on the download button.

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