Multi-browser Web Performance Monitoring - IE 8 is Here - Chrome is Coming!
Test and Monitor | Posted December 08, 2011

We recently announced support for Web performance monitoring from IE 8.0 in AlertSite to complement its comprehensive Firefox monitoring network. There is some exciting technology available with our newest enhancement.

The First in Multi-Browser Website Monitoring

AlertSite's multi-browser website monitoring is the first to support playback in IE and Firefox from a single Web transaction recording. The monitoring service supports full Web transaction monitors and not just URLs. And our fantastic Test-on-demand capability supports instant playback and visualization of web performance from any location.

The Future of Website Performance Monitoring

While we are excited to have delivered this new performance monitoring feature to our customers, we are equally excited about the groundwork we have laid. Given the recent statistics about browser market share from, some of you may be asking what our plans are for Chrome? The answer is - We are working on it already!

What Do You Think?

Our customers and the marketplace have recognized the growing importance of ensuring user experiences for multiple browsing clients. I'd like to open up this discussion to the larger web performance community:

How important is synthetic Web performance monitoring with Chrome to you?


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