MuleSoft IPO – how will it impact the API Lifecycle space?
Test and Monitor | Posted February 21, 2017

MuleSoft IPO coming soon – MuleSoft filed their S-1 paperwork for their IPO with the SEC on February 17th, 2017. MuleSoft is looking to raise $100 million through this initial public offering. They have not yet set a date for their IPO, so in the meantime, customers, investors, and competitors will be eagerly watching to see how much money they are able to raise, how the stock trades in the first few weeks after the IPO, and how their business evolves moving forward.

Further market validation – MuleSoft’s market valuation and upcoming IPO are further validation that the API Lifecycle space is white hot. MuleSoft has raised over $1.5 billion in funding to date, has a unicorn valuation, and is now preparing to enter the public markets. MuleSoft describes themselves as sitting “at the intersection of the biggest technology forces in the world — SaaS, IoT, Microservices and APIs…”, which means they are attaching to some of the hottest trends in IT today. MuleSoft competes in the API Lifecycle space (API Management + API Gateway + API Testing), with the likes of Google (APIgee), Oracle (Apiary), SmartBear (SwaggerHub, SoapUI), RedHat (3Scale), TIBCO (Mashery), and other legacy providers such as IBM and CA. There has been a flurry of investment and M&A activity in the API space as of late, with large tech bellwethers snapping up API Lifecycle providers to bolster their cloud service and integration offerings.

What does this mean for API Teams? – The API Lifecycle space is in a period of rapid evolution. Unless MuleSoft gets acquired before their IPO, they will be one of the few standalone API Lifecycle vendors left, along with SmartBear, Akana, and a few others. But for how long? Even with their steady YoY revenue growth, they will likely struggle to find a viable path to profitability. Raising $100 million in IPO funding will not solve for the fact that even though APIs are a critical component of powering today’s digital experiences, many API Lifecycle solutions vendors can struggle to make money. API teams need to consider what the future may hold for MuleSoft and if their current API solutions can meet their requirements moving forward, including robust API framework support, full end-to-end lifecycle support, and the ability to flexibly integrate with any development and deployment environment.

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