Moonsoft and SmartBear Announce Partnership to Grow Software Quality Market in Scandinavia
Test and Monitor | Posted June 10, 2015

SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, is partnering with Moonsoft, one of the leading computer software consultative sales and related software services companies serving Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

“Moonsoft is happy to announce a deeper relationship with SmartBear,” said Juha Piispa, Moonsoft CEO. “With over a decade of selling SmartBear tools, we see this agreement as a natural response to our customers demand for better tools to meet today’s challenges.”

About Moonsoft

Moonsoft offers services such as license management and integration of information systems for companies. Moonsoft sells to computer software companies, educational institutions and governmental institutions, and works to meet the needs of all significant software manufacturers.

The mission of Moonsoft is to provide the best service and support when building and utilizing software solutions. We want to keep software procurement and adoption simple for our customers. Customers can easily buy software through our streamlined ordering web shop.

The Scandinavian region has seen growth trends in mobile and Internet of Things. Moonsoft focuses on these two trends and works with partners with strong technical skills and superior tools. As a result, Moonsoft will utilize SmartBear’s best in class products and solutions to meet the unique challenges facing mobile developers and the IoT space.

About the Partnership

This partnership is beneficial to both Moonsoft and SmartBear to meet the growing demands in the software quality market in Scandinavia. Under this new Partnership agreement, Moonsoft is an authorized value-added reseller for SmartBear’s testing, API, development and performance monitoring tools in the region. Moonsoft is reselling and providing advisory services for SmartBear tools to their client base.

“We are very excited to partner with Moonsoft to support our growing European business,” said John McArdle, SmartBear EMEA Channel Director. “Moonsoft will be a key partner to help support the growing demand for SmartBear’s software quality tools for the connect world, helping software professionals to build and deploy higher quality applications.”

We are delighted to welcome Moonsoft as an official partner for SmartBear software quality tools. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership! Learn more about the SmartBear Partner Program.


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