MINDBODY Outage Leaves Thousands Of Apps and Websites Down
Test and Monitor | Posted April 06, 2018

Don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.

Globally businesses are feeling the stinging pain of this phrase, as MINDBODY, a cloud-based solutions provider for online booking, experienced a national and long major outage yesterday. MINDBODY brands itself as a “leading technology platform for the wellness services industry,” which both local and enterprise companies leverage as a software tool to manage booking, payments, and more. For many of these businesses, MINDBODY serves as the foundation for most of their digital infrastructure, which in theory sounds great… until something goes wrong.

At 4:40am PDT, MINDBODY posted an update to their service page that the core software and mobile apps were experiencing load and reporting issues. As the day progressed the issue continued to escalate, and a few hours later MINDBODY was in full blown panic mode. The MINDBODY web software, API, Business App, App, Connect Workplace, corporate site, branded web, branded app and class check-in app were reporting major outages. It wasn’t until six hours later that the problem was identified and seven hours later until a select few of their properties’ services were restored.

Needless to say, people were not thrilled…

Unfortunately, as such a relied-on tool, the severity of MINDBODY’s outage negatively impacts their business and brand as well as their customers’ businesses and brands. As a B2B service provider, the availability and performance of their tools is critical to other businesses’ success. In this case specifically, not only are MINDBODY’s customers frustrated, but the customers of MINDBODY’s customers are impacted as well, as many of these users interact with their tools on a daily basis to schedule classes, make payments, and manage their accounts.

An outage of this proportion leaves us wondering what could have been done to prevent this? While we do not know the root cause as of yet, there are steps that both businesses and MINDBODY can take to help prevent and mitigate an outage.

Be Mindful Of Performance

One of MINDBODY’s core values is the wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Adopting this same mantra for the technology they depend on is a key way of accomplishing their last core value, to continuously evolve.

As with most paths in life, mindfulness can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Mindfulness of performance is no exception. In this case, it can be useful to consider the following:

  • Do I understand my key user-journeys and what technology supports them?
  • Have I load tested my digital assets?
  • Have I made adjustments to accelerate quality, speed, and performance?
  • Am I monitoring my performance and availability?
  • Am I being proactive to ensure my SLAs are met?

Investing in an early warning system, such as a synthetic monitoring tool like AlertSite, can help prevent outages like this from occurring, saving possibly thousands of dollars in lost revenue, as it would have if the MINDBODY outage would have been caught and fixed before it impacted real users. A synthetic tool emulates a  real user, to provide a constant heartbeat on the health of your websites, applications, and APIs. AlertSite specifically is designed to help prevent outages like this by identifying and alerting the right people about

  • Performance deviations
  • Availability blips
  • Downtime
  • Functional errors
  • And more!

Knowing about performance issues before your users encounter them allows you to identify and remediate issues without impacting your (or your customers’) business. Additionally, having an early warning system helps you identify the issue faster, so you can reduce your mean time to resolution (MTTR), meaning your customers wouldn’t be held waiting for over six hours, as you try to identify how to solve the problem at hand.

Unfortunately, technology is not perfect. However, it’s our job to help you get your technologies as close as possible. To learn more about how to prevent an outage, checkout our AlertSite Page.