Meet the Smart Bears
Test and Monitor | Posted November 21, 2008

Jason Cohen
is the Founder of Smart Bear Software, maker of Code Collaborator, the world's most popular tool for peer code review and recent winner of the Jolt Award. Jason took Smart Bear from start to multiple millions in revenue and 50% profit margin without debt or VC. Jason is the author of Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review, the most popular book (over 40,000 copies) on modern, lightweight methods for doing peer code review effectively without everyone hating life. Learn more about Jason here.

 Brandon DuRette
is a Senior Software Developer leading the Code Collaborator development team. His ten years of software development experience spans a wide variety of companies and industries: from IBM to early stage startups; from computer security, to scientific computing, and at Smart Bear, software development tools. Learn more about Brandon here.



Paul Jimenez
is the Senior QA Manager at Smart Bear Software.  "PJ" has been in the IT industry for 15 years, mostly at startups, doing whatever needed doing: system administration, network administration, software development (for everything from embedded devices to web applications), and, most recently, test automation. His hobbies are equally eclectic, having included at one time or another: competition kite flying, juggling, martial arts and ultimate frisbee, as well as the more usual open source development and hacking on random personal projects.  Lately he's been playing with his latest batch of gadgets: a Neuros Link, a Chumby, and an Openmoko FreeRunner. Learn more about Paul here.

Roy Paterson
is Lead Client Developer and Bear Suit Model at Smart Bear Software.  He's also a very fun guy, usually being one of the masterminds behind the crazy antics around the office. When you hear laughter in our cave, you can bet Roy's there. Whether he's juggling with a wacky hat, or helping a customer with Code Collaborator, he's a blast to have around! Learn more about Roy here.

Gregg Sporar
was a Senior Product Manager at Smart Bear Software. Gregg has been a software developer for over twenty years,
working on projects ranging from control software for a burglar alarm
to 3D graphical user interfaces to a firmware debugger. His interests include development tools, user interfaces, and
performance profiling. Before Smart Bear, he worked as a Technology Evangelist for several
years at Sun Microsystems. Learn more about Gregg here.



Lisa K. Wells
does random marketing stuff for Smart Bear. An electrical engineer who was drawn to the dark side by the promise of unlimited free t-shirts, Lisa's greatest claims to fame might be authoring three text books on National Instruments' LabVIEW software and helping design the first LabVIEW student edition. As a product marketer for most of her career, Lisa has launched dozens of software products that range from e-commerce and enterprise middleware to developers' tools, telecom and test & measurement software. Right now her favorite things include baiting the Bears, dreaming up new ways to let people know how awesome Code Collaborator is, and truly exquisite chocolate. Learn more about Lisa here.


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