Managing Your Mobile Testing Strategy
Test and Monitor | Posted April 14, 2014

Test management of mobile applications presents unique challenges that require more thorough planning than most other types of software. Mobile projects are extremely complex, requiring project managers and test managers to plan carefully or risk being late to market - or worse, release a sub-par application.

Adequately planning your test coverage (and allowing sufficient time to execute that plan) is absolutely key to a successful release. Test strategy is, of course, partially dictated by your app’s complexity, your industry, and further by whether you are planning a native, hybrid, or Web app.

No matter what your complexity or app architecture though, you need a true test management tool. And yeah, that means something more advanced than a series of spreadsheets. Truthfully, any tool you use to manage your tests should support all of these fundamental planning activities:

  • Write your requirements, estimating both development and testing time.
  • Plan and write your tests, connecting them to your requirements, and estimate testing time.
  • Make sure to include adequate testing for unwritten requirements (you have them, everyone does), such as session and exploratory testing.
  • Don’t forget user experience and performance tests, they are vital to ensure your app is well received!
  • While your team is running your tests, your testing solution should record how much time each test actually takes and should give you an average run time so you can better estimate how long future runs will take. Being able to tell someone who is requesting a change how long it will take to test that change is a great way to keep a lid on scope creep.
  • As your tests uncover defects or bugs, they should be linked to the test and a requirement so you can easily identify which requirements need to be refined, or require more thorough testing.

Planning a successful mobile application release takes considerable effort and thought, but the right testing solutions can help greatly in ensuring you release a quality, on-time, application.

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