Luxury Retailers Outperform Others in Website Performance in Q3
Test and Monitor | Posted November 18, 2011

Last week, Luxury Daily reported on our website performance data for luxury retailers and automakers in Q3. To summarize the article (and the results of our luxury web performance benchmark), here are the fastest and most reliable websites in the luxury retail and automobile categories.

Fastest Luxury Websites (retail and automaker) in Q3:

  1. Rolls-Royce, 0.801 seconds. The company has spent three consecutive quarters as the fastest luxury automaker.
  2. Tag Heuer, 0.846 seconds. Site speed improved by an impressive 5.19 seconds over the second quarter.
  3. Jaguar, 0.984 seconds. A two and a half second improvement over last quarter.
  4. Ralph Lauren, 1.295 seconds. Two consecutive quarters as the fastest luxury retailer.

Website Reponse Time - Retail

Most Reliable Luxury Websites (retail and automaker) in Q3:

  1. Armani, 99.98 percent availability.
  2. Lamborghini, 99.98 percent availability.
  3. Ralph Lauren, 99.97 percent availability.
  4. Rolls-Royce, 99.97 percent availability.
  5. Tag Heuer, 99.97 percent availability.

Website Availability- Luxury Auto

retail website performance

One interesting observation not covered in the Luxury Daily story is that the high-end retailers outperformed the Internet Retailer Top 50 in both response times and website availability. In Q3, the average cumulative response time of retailers listed in the Internet Retailer Top 50 was 3.75 seconds. Average availability for this class of retailers was 99.58 percent. Compare that to the 2.85 second average response time and 99.77 percent availability documented for the luxury retailers on our list.

It's an impressive feat, especially given how much richer luxury websites typically are in terms of content (think Flash, Flex, Silverlight). These rich Internet applications (RIAs) make for a snazzy web user experience, but often at the expense of website speed and performance.

On that note, we'll wrap up this recap, but check back with us in the coming weeks for a review of retail website performance during the holidays, as well as another SmartBear announcement about load testing the performance of RIA websites.


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