Lucierna Brings Root Cause Analysis to SmartBear
Test and Monitor | Posted December 09, 2013

Earlier today SmartBear announced its acquisition of Lucierna Inc., an application performance management provider based in Spain, in a move that greatly enhances its AlertSite Web Performance Monitoring solution.

But what exactly does this mean for our users?

While AlertSite is already a pioneer in the areas of transaction monitoring and user experience measurement via its Visual User Experience metrics and DejaClick transaction recorder, the addition of Lucierna’s Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Real User Monitoring (RUM) technologies will provide users with end-to-end application performance visibility in a single unified solution.

The problem faced by the modern DevOps team hinges on the severe lack of complete application performance monitoring solutions that offer the breadth to accurately predict, test, monitor, diagnose and drive informed decisions for optimal performance of IT business processes. This acquisition combines Lucierna tools for real-user monitoring and root cause analysis with SmartBear products for transaction monitoring and performance testing. Used together, customers can unify the following capabilities to better manage application performance:

  • Real time view into the end user experience
  • Results from transaction monitoring and performance testing
  • Immediate visibility and diagnosis of code negatively affecting performance

This enables accelerated problem identification, informed decision-making and the ability to fix performance issues that impact business objectives faster.

SmartBear is now the only vendor that can seamlessly connect the insights generated from real-time user monitoring and synthetic transactions to specific areas of underlying code — enabling the rapid resolution of problems as they occur and before they negatively impact service levels and business goals.

Lucierna’s technology is expected to be fully integrated with AlertSite by the end of the first half of 2014. Stay tuned for more information on this integration in the coming weeks and months.

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