Looking Ahead to NordicAPIs Platform Summit 2017 
Test and Monitor | Posted October 06, 2017

If you work in the API space today, you’re hopefully already familiar with the great work being done by the team at NordicAPIs.  

For those who aren’t familiar, NordicAPIs is bringing together an international community of API practitioners and enthusiasts and provides an incredible source of information, news, and education on topics from all areas of the world of APIs. The NordicAPI Blog is a must-read for information on the latest trends in API development, and their online resource section and in-person workshops have helped API teams around the world to deliver better APIs and address the challenges of delivering services in today’s API economy. 

For these reasons, and more, we're thrilled to be sponsoring this year’s NordicAPIs Platform Summit.  

Looking ahead to NordicAPIs Platform Summit 2017 

The NordicAPI Platform Summit is an annual event that brings together practitioners from around the API space for three days of workshops, trainings, and presentations on topics related to API design, documentation, security, governance, and more. 

This year’s event will focus on scalability, and how teams can evolve their API programs to be scalable, agile, and built with longevity in mind.  

2017 has been an important year for the evolution of the API space, with the official release of the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification 3.0. OpenAPI 3.0 is the next evolution of the Swagger Specification, and we are looking forward to showcasing how teams can design and document their APIs with OAS 3.0 in SwaggerHub at the SmartBear Booth. We will also be doing live demos of our API testing and virtualization solutions with SoapUI and ServiceV. Testing has always played an important role in delivering awesome APIs, but is more critical than ever when facing the challenges of building an API program that scales. 

In addition to sponsoring the event, we will also be hosting two sessions. Ole Lensmar, creator of SoapUI and CTO at SmartBear Software, will be hosting a talk and live demo at NordicAPIs: 

The Magic Behind Faster API Development, Testing, and Delivery with API Virtualization  

10 October — 15:40 

Virtualization is an increasingly popular approach for speeding release cycles by developing and testing in parallel. Additionally, API virtualization enables teams to overcome 3rd party downtime, rate limits and overage fees. Learn how API Virtualization can help you speed up your development, testing and delivery process. Learn More 

Virtualizing Swagger/OAS-based APIs 

11 October — 14:00 

Using the OpenAPI Specification to drive your API lifecycle enables you to leverage API virtualization for bootstrapping API design/prototyping, implementation, integration and testing phases. This demo will show you how to do precisely that using SmartBear tools – and all within 15 minutes! Learn More 

Let us know if you’ll be at NordicAPIs Platform Summit 

We’re looking forward to connecting with 400+ API enthusiasts at NordicAPIs Platform Summit. If you’re at the show, be sure to stop by our booth to meet the team. We’d love to hear how you’re using tools like Swagger and SoapUI to build great APIs. 

(And don’t forget to grab your SmartBear T-Shirt!) 

Can’t make it to the 2017 Platform Summit? Be sure to follow SmartBear on Twitter for the latest updates from the show: @SmartBear 


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