Looking Ahead to APIStrat 2017
Test and Monitor | Posted October 26, 2017

Next week, the SmartBear API team will be heading to Portland, Oregon for the 8th annual API Strategy & Practice Conference (better known as APIStrat). This annual event brings together hundreds of API practitioners for three days of discussions, workshops, and presentations on the challenges and opportunities of today’s API economy. 

This year is a special year for APIStrat, as it is the first year that the event will be jointly hosted by the OpenAPI Initiative and the Linux Foundation. The OpenAPI Initiative is the organization that leads the development of the OpenAPI Specification, and is made up of 42 organizations from different areas of the tech world — including Microsoft, Google, IBM, Google, and SmartBear.  

What we’re looking forward to at APIStrat:

SmartBear is a proud member of the OpenAPI Initiative and has been a long-time sponsor of the APIStrat conference. This year at APIStrat, we’ll be showcasing our API design and documentation solutions, including the open source Swagger tooling and SwaggerHub, as well as our powerful API testing and virtualization tools, including: SoapUI, LoadUI, and ServiceV. 

Ron Ratovsky, Swagger Developer Evangelist at SmartBear, and member of the OpenAPI Technical Development Committee, will also be hosting a talk on Wednesday, November 1 @ 3pm PT — Keep Your Swagger On, in which he’ll share what’s new in the open source Swagger tooling and showcase OpenAPI 3.0 in Swagger. 

Ron will also be participating in a Keynote Panel on Thursday, November 2 at 9:20am PT, which will include other members of the OpenAPI Initiative. This year marked the official release of OpenAPI 3.0, the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification. We’re looking forward to hearing from panel on what’s new in OpenAPI, and what the release of 3.0 means for teams that use OAS to design, document, and develop their APIs. 

Get ready for APIStrat:

We’re looking forward to connecting with everyone at APIStrat. Each year, we have the chance to meet hundreds of API enthusiasts that trust tools like SoapUI and Swagger to build great APIs, and we know this year will be the biggest year yet. If you’re heading to the show, be sure to stop by the SmartBear Booth (S03) to meet the team.  

In addition to answering your questions, and doing live demos of Swagger and SoapUI, we’re also bringing 300 of our new T-shirts: 


Stop by a grab a shirt. We will have some fun raffles and other giveaways as well.  

Can’t make it to APIStrat? 

If you can’t make it to APIStrat, be sure to follow @SmartBear for the latest from the show. Is there a speaker from APIStrat you’d like to hear from? Check out the full schedule here, and let us know. We’ll try our best to attend their session and hopefully grab an interview at the show. 



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