LoadUIWeb Pro Made a Scene and This Guy Won a Kindle Fire
Test and Monitor | Posted May 22, 2013

We’ve had so much going on here at SmartBear that we haven’t had a chance to share with you our latest exciting release. Aligning its launch with the StarEast software testing conference on May 1st  in Orlando, LoadUIWeb Pro made a buzz around our booth with many new features SmartBear’s free load testing tool doesn’t offer. The Kindle Fire we gave away helped too. Congratulations to Manish from Harvard Pilgrim for winning it!

So, what’s new about LoadUIWeb Pro?

There are several things we like to brag about with Pro, and have narrowed them down to 10 reasons to “Go Pro.” I won’t go into each of them here, but some of the main upgrades are the creation of up to 20,000 virtual users, an increased breadth of analysis, and enhanced reports.


LoadUIWeb Pro also offers cloud testing capacities, which are necessary in any advanced testing environment today. This allows you to better simulate the experience your customers have and create more reliable load tests.


I personally really enjoy using the automatic data generators and parameterization wizard. Besides the fact that “parameterization wizard” just sounds cool, these features allow for the creation of unique data sets for each virtual user, saving a ton of data entry time. The LoadUIWeb Pro wizard helps determine which data can be parameterized, assists in data source selection, and even allows you to generate your own unique data.


These are a just few of the new features Pro has to offer, If you’d like to read more, visit loaduiweb.org.

Or, you can try it out by downloading a trial of this very versatile tool.

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