LoadNinja is now enhanced with Artificial Intelligence! 
Test and Monitor | Posted June 28, 2019

With the latest LoadNinja updates, you'll see that we have improved in some critical areas! You’ll have a better time creating validations in your performance test scripts, increased chance of a successful playback, and improved experience in analyzing your load test results. 

Enhanced InstaPlay Recorder with AI.  
The LoadNinja recorder is now enhanced with artificial intelligence that insulates you from having to define what selector to use to identify objects for playback. The AI will decide the best selector for a successful playback ensuring you can better focus on modeling scripts. Read more about our record and playback feature.

Geographic Distribution of Load.

The application being tested may have end users coming from all over the world. We’ve now added the capability to allow you to distribute load across different regions supported by AWS.

Group actions into steps 
LoadNinja aggregates load test KPIs through steps in a script, which is important when you are presenting the load test results of relevant transactions to your team.

Now, you can easily group actions of interest to you into steps for an existing script, without having to re-record it.

Flexibly move validations.
You can define exactly before which action you would want to trigger a validation, giving you full control of your script based on your end user’s behavior.

Dedicated section for integrations.  
Discover the various integrations like Jenkins and Zephyr available to seamlessly incorporate load testing across your software lifecycle in a dedicated section of your LoadNinja settings. Read more about our integrations.

More Actionable Message on SLA Violations. 

 If there is an SLA violation in playback and load tests, you should know about it. With our latest update, you’ll receive an error message that is clear and actionable.

If you’re not already using LoadNinja, download our free trial today!