Announcing LoadComplete 4.0: A More Efficient Way to Create, Execute, and Analyze Comprehensive Load Tests
Test and Monitor | Posted January 26, 2016

Irrespective of industry, your website, web apps, and mobile apps are absolutely critical to your organization’s success.

Poor performance in your applications can directly impact sales, hurt customer engagement, and damage the brand equity you’ve worked hard to build. Your customers expect your applications to perform smoothly every time and from everywhere.

This is where performance testing comes in.

Performance testing helps you understand your applications breaking point so that you can mitigate the risk of a malfunction and better anticipate how it will perform under massive load.

However just running performance tests is not enough. You also need to analyze the data and use it to build a more robust application.

Introducing LoadComplete  4.0

LoadComplete 4.0 is a new and improved version of our automated load testing tool that makes it easier than ever before to create complex load tests, saving you time and drastically improving your productivity in the process.

Easily create complex scripts

The new release enhances the record and playback functionality of LoadComplete. We understand that testing professionals come in different levels of expertise. Version 4.0 is packed with new features that allow testers and QA professionals to create comprehensive tests without additional scripting.

For example, manually correlating dynamic values can be very difficult for many modern apps. Version 4.0 ships with pre-defined data correlation rules for popular web frameworks and technologies such as .NET, JSF, Java, etc.

It provides a wizard to automatically correlate dynamic data and create regular expressions. This allows you to spend less time fine tuning your test scripts and more time analyzing the test results.

Reuse scripts, reduce rework

With increased emphasis on delivering steady application performance under shortened test cycles, testing professionals are increasingly looking for ways to repurpose the work done at other stages of application lifecycle.

LoadComplete 4.0 acknowledges this trend. Testing professionals using SmartBear's automated testing tool TestComplete, are now able to convert their functional tests to load tests with just one click.

See the detailed demo of the feature here. The plug-in in readily available in TestComplete 11.2.

Visual programming

As websites and applications get complex, creating comprehensive tests that include all possible end user transactions becomes tedious and time consuming.

LoadComplete 4.0 provides a new and highly intuitive user interface with built-in loops and conditional logic to help create such tests. Now, testing professionals can simply drag and drop the controls to create powerful and flexible tests. Such visual programming capabilities enable users with limited programming skills to create advanced tests effortlessly.

LoadComplete 4.0 is packed with new features that allow testers and QA professionals to create comprehensive tests without additional scripting and help them save time by significantly increasing their efficiency.

For more details on LoadComplete 4.0, check out our website and documentation.

LoadComplete 4.0 is now available to download. Learn more.