Learning How to Share with DéjàClick
Test and Monitor | Posted February 28, 2013

Last time we talked about DéjàClick, we looked at how we can this handy-dandy plug-in to markup and annotate Web pages. Now that we have our annotated DéjàClick script completed, how are we going to share it with others to collaborate?

Of course, we could save the script file and send it as an email attachment to the Web development and design team peeps. Then we would have to save the script and attach it to an email and the receiver would have to save the script and open DéjàClick. Yes, we could do that, but it all sounds kinds of tedious, doesn't it?

Well, I have another trick up my sleeve to share - yes, that is a hint!

For quite some time, the AlertSite service has offered a couple of really nice benefits for free to the DéjàClick community. Joining the DéjàClick community is a free registration at DejaClick.com.

DejaClick join free


This is a simple way to share a DéjàClick script with friends or associates, enabling them to replay, precisely, the interaction you just recorded, including those annotations we added for Web page updates.

ScriptShare provides:

  • DéjàClick script hosting
  • Private and safe sharing of DéjàClick scripts
  • Upload and Download of DéjàClick scripts
  • Tracking of share visits and editing of uploaded script

Test On Demand

Here's a really slick way to get instant Web performance data using DéjàClick and a couple of testing locations open to the community.

Test On Demand lets us:

  • Test Web application instantly from several of AlertSite's monitoring locations
  • Watch each step of the transaction in the DéjàView slide show as the test is running
  • Get AlertSite's real-brower Web performance reporting metrics for each step in your transaction
  • Execute the tests and view the instant results anywhere you have DéjàClick installed.

By this point, you’ve probably had enough of me talking about it. Let’s do a quick demonstration:


How cool was that?

Grab DéjàClick for yourself by pointing your Firefox browser at www.DejaClick.com and installing the add-on.

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