Keeping an Eye on Your Invisible Infrastructure
Test and Monitor | Posted December 20, 2017

64 Billion Gigabytes of data were stored this year by the U.S. economy alone. As we evolve to continuously rely on our digital environment, our digital footprint will continue to grow. This footprint, hidden to most of us, is fueled and supported by invisible infrastructure – the evolution of IT and communications infrastructure to meet the demands of modern digital organizations, enabling technology consumers to assemble, access and pay for digital services in a simple, seamless and automated manner, without specific knowledge of the underlying physical infrastructure. But how important is it really to keep an eye on the invisible digital processes that support your business?

When we discuss performance monitoring, it’s easy to think about availability monitoring or even transaction monitoring – tangible processes that we’re all very familiar with. These surface level metrics are valuable as checks that give you a quick yes/no answer to your question – are my digital assets running? However, making a habit of monitoring surface level metrics could lead to detrimental consequences in the long run.

Last month we discussed the Illusion of Availability, and how monitoring surface level metrics can render false positives, leading to problems with availability and performance in bigger ways than you could have imagined- while you’re left blissfully unaware as your users experience a chaotic online process.  Ultimately, limiting your monitoring spectrum will leave you grasping for answers, when it’s already too late. Monitoring your digital performance, in a world that relies so heavily on our online platforms is unequivocally necessary. What’s even more important is making sure that the depth of your monitoring mirrors the value you place on your digital assets in driving your revenue.

4 Steps to making the invisible, visible:

  1. Think like a user – Monitor user journeys and the processes that support them to make sure that you don’t fall for the illusion of availability.
  2. Mix it up – test from different locations across the globe, to get a comprehensive view of your infrastructure.
  3. Consume, but don’t assume – Monitor APIs that you rely on, and test for performance, availability, and functional correctness
  4. Have your teams’ back – invest in a tool that makes it easy for them to have full visibility into performance, availability, and functional correctness – even for the invisible processes that you depend on.

To continuously innovate, you have to have a solid understanding of your track record- including the performance of your digital assets. (Tweet this) Using a synthetic monitoring tool to continuously deploy, maintain, and innovate your digital environment is key in understanding and testing your track record. Even more vital is choosing a tool like AlertSite, that goes beyond availability in monitoring performance, availability, and functional correctness, while retaining data for you to analyze as you continue to grow. Looking at the bigger picture requires unearthing the invisible, and we’re ready to help you cultivate a better digital experience.

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