Introducing the API Testing Dojo
Test and Monitor | Posted February 11, 2014

We all know that testing software is very important. This sentiment only continues to grow as our lives become more and more engulfed with software enabled devices. And while businesses and solo developers alike understand the benefits of testing their websites and apps, API testing remains an obscure, undervalued, and often misunderstood practice.

In an effort to raise awareness and change this perception, we are very pleased to announce the release of our API Testing Dojo.

The API Testing Dojo is a free, online space packed with articles and resources to help you learn and hone your skills in API testing. It's meant for developers of APIs, full-time software testers, and anyone else who might need to determine the efficacy of an Application Programming Interface or Web service. It's organized into three main sections:

What’s great about all the information in the Dojo is that everything is tool agnostic. This means that the knowledge you gain can be leveraged regardless of what tools you use, be it SoapUI or any other testing tool.

Head over to the API Testing Dojo and check it out for yourself.

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