Introducing Ready! API 1.8

We know you're serious about your APIs – you've told us! That's why you chose the Ready! API framework for the tools it provides to ensure API quality. That's also why we keep working to improve these tools, and ensure they continue to solve the problems you experience on a daily basis.

With that in mind, we're thrilled to announce the latest updates to the framework– Ready! API 1.8!

Over the coming days, our product owners will share more about how we've improved the specific tools in the Ready! API framework. Of course, if you're hungry for information on this release right away, you can always check out our Release Notes.

Our users and customers continue to push these products in new and exciting ways. Their needs are changing rapidly, and we are working hard to adapt, react, and (we hope) anticipate those needs. We made many of the improvements in Ready! API 1.8 based directly on user feedback and guidance. I wanted to mention three things here that really speak to that:

  • SoapUI NG Pro – We consistently hear from a massive number of users who seek to go beyond simple API validation. That’s why we've added the capability for users to import lightweight functional API tests created in Postman into SoapUI NG Pro, and expand them as robust, scalable, and comprehensive test suites.

  • ServiceV Pro – Our customers have realized the profound operational value of API virtualization by eliminating inter-organizational dependencies. When they put API virtualization in the hands of more developers and testers in more teams, they require much more management granularity across ever-larger numbers of virtualized APIs. New ServiceV Pro usability concepts like tagging, customized search and view, and conditional routing are aimed squarely at these needs.
  • Secure Pro – In modern API development, our customers really want every member of the team to be accountable for security. Since we launched in early 2015, we aimed to make it easy to take a deeper look at the security of your APIs, and drill for areas of vulnerability using Secure Pro. Reporting enhancements in Ready! API 1.8 make it drop dead simple to gather more details on found vulnerabilities. We're trying to demystify API security with Secure Pro, and we've made real progress with these updates.

We've delivered much more in Ready! API 1.8 than I have space to cover here. Stay tuned for more  information on the products themselves, and an update on Ready! API TestServer.

Learn more about Ready! API 1.8

We recently hosted a special webinar where our technical API experts walked through these new features and other exciting updates from the API team at SmartBear.

Click here to watch the webinar replay.

Have questions about Ready! API 1.8? Let us know in the comments below.



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