Introducing LoadComplete 4.3: Making Load Testing In the Cloud or On-Premise Easier and Faster than Ever Before
Test and Monitor | Posted July 27, 2016

The constant need for rapid software delivery and deployment has increased the need for continuous testing and improvement of software applications. As a result, organizations are increasingly consolidating their testing efforts into short time periods in order to meet deployment deadlines.

With the responsibility of performance being distributed across the board, more nontraditional load testers are charged with load testing duties. To be effective at their jobs, these testers demand performance testing tools that are comprehensive, easy to use, and provide a faster time to value.

Announcing LoadComplete 4.3

LoadComplete is an automated load testing tool that enables you to record and playback user transactions and test your web server’s performance under massive load, determine its robustness, and estimate its scalability. Over the course of the past few releases, the LoadComplete team at SmartBear has been listening to user feedback and keeping a close eye on major trends in the testing industry. Based on these trends and feedback, the team has been introduced new tools and features that meet the needs of modern QA teams.

May it be the dynamic data correlation wizard to handle dynamic parameters and requests automatically, or the visual programming to add flexibility to your load tests, the LoadComplete team has strived to improve the ease of use and user experience of the product. And now, with LoadComplete 4.3, it makes load testing in the cloud, and on premise even more fast and easy.

Spend less time creating tests, more time analyzing results

Applications are getting more and more sophisticated day-by-day. Websites and web apps are no different. Modern web has many moving parts, which can be failure points under high traffic-high volume scenarios. They need to be tested for all possible user scenarios and diverse traffic volumes. There are multiple ‘right’ ways to do load testing.

This could include:

  • Accounting for all the dynamic variable correlation and parameterization
  • Creating and cleaning the test scripts and scenarios
  • Designing virtual user groups and realistic load profiles
  • Generating load that tests performance, scalability and breaking point of the web server

These action items could be time consuming or impossible based on the load testers skills and time in hand.

In this release, LoadComplete enhances on the recording functionality to make script creation even easier for the users. LoadComplete 4.3 now records a new page only for traffic that was initiated by user actions (mouse clicks and pressing Enter) and offers predefined exclusion filters for third-party servers like Google Analytics or Skype to help remove the clutter from the recorded traffic.

LoadComplete 4.3 further enhances the test scenario editor by letting you change variable values or create new variables during a test run and undo and redo up to 100 actions.

LoadComplete 4.3 also makes load generation even more realistic by improving on the stepwise load profiles, where each new user joining a test now comes from the next virtual user group. We know that hardly any two users behave exactly similar on a web application. This enhancement helps users emulate realistic virtual user traffic on the webserver being tested.

These, and many such enhancements, save time on creating and editing a recorded scenario and designing and executing a load test. What does this mean? More time to analyze the test results and actually improve on the application. With LoadComplete 4.3, load testing is not just a checkbox you check at the end of your development cycle, but an active effort in improving the application performance to handle traffic gracefully.

Load testing in the cloud

If you want to stay current and relevant to your users, you know that you need to test your application performance from where your users are. Cloud load testing helps you do that. The LoadComplete team realized this importance of this industry need early on and offered Amazon EC2 integration to enables users test from the cloud location.

LoadComplete 4.3 extends its cloud reach by adding support for two new EC2 regions Mumbai (ap-south-1) and Seoul (ap-northeast-2) to accommodate its global users

Right in time for the Holiday season

It may not feel like it, but we are only a few short months from the holiday season. Consumer goods or not, almost all industries that offer online solutions are affected by the holiday season. As brands prepare for the biggest shopping season of the year, their backend teams are hard at work to make sure the websites and web apps are ready to handle the overwhelming traffic.

We want to help you handle the traffic surge gracefully and make the most of Holiday season. LoadComplete 4.3 offers a cost effective and easy load testing solution to test your website and web applications for performance, scalability, and stability.

You can evaluate the entire LoadComplete functionality for free today. Learn more.

To learn more about LoadComplete 4.3, join us for our free webinar on Wednesday, August 10 at 2pm.

Download our free version today and make us your performance partners!


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