Intelligent Quality Add-On in TestComplete Expands Visual Recognition Capabilities with AI
Test and Monitor | Posted December 12, 2018

UI test automation is reaching new heights – incorporating artificial intelligence, automating test design, or creating abilities to test against hidden properties previously not recognizable by functional testing tools. Imagine your sales department verifying if a graph has 50% sales from Europe? Imagine a bank testing if you signed the back of a check with your real name? Imagine HR confirming the right bonus amount was sent to an employee? These use cases have one common challenge for test automation engineers – their values and locations on the screen are constantly changing.

Testing Dynamic Elements with Intelligent Quality

The Intelligent Quality Add-On (IQ) for TestComplete provides a solution to many challenging use cases when testing dynamic, and complex on-screen UI elements often found when reading PDFs, mainframe terminals, business intelligence reports, and SAP applications. The IQ Add-On alleviates many of these concerns by complementing the TestComplete object recognition with AI-powered visual recognition to detect and test application components that were previously undetectable. Without IQ, TestComplete is able to recognize UI elements in an application through its property and named identifiers, but with the Add-On, the tool can now recognize unpredictable identifiers and smart-coded identifiers before a test script is even written. This makes it easier to intelligibly read and verify content found on one image, one screen, or one document.

Case Studies from Current Users

National Freight Shipping and Logistics Company Uses IQ Add-On for Mainframe Testing

A national freight shipping and logistics company uses Rocket Software to provide a secure and powerful user interface for MultiValue databases. The IQ Add-On enabled testing of Rocket Software terminals so they could integrate and transform character-based applications quickly and cost-effectively and then, successfully test against their current mainframe applications.

Cloud-based Solutions Provider Uses IQ Add-On for Testing on Citrix Applications

A cloud-based solutions provider ranging from financial, operations, and workforce management uses Citrix applications. This is a niche use case for them, but because the Citrix environment that only gives us one big image to work with, they have been unsuccessful running UI functional tests against the application. The team was limited to using XY coordinates, but with the new AI-powered object recognition provided with the IQ Add-On, they will now be able to increase their test coverage across all their use cases.

Two Key Dimensions for Complete Test Coverage

For a test automation engineer to ensure security behind their application requires the combination of two separate, but related dimensions.

  • The first, level of accuracy, is a gauge in stability behind automated tests and ease of test creation from recognizing diverse application components.

  • The second, ease of maintenance, is a gauge in scalability behind automated tests and ability to easily maintain test scripts after application updates, enhancements, and fixes.

With the Intelligent Quality Add-On, test automation engineers are able to exceed on both dimensions. TestComplete provides high levels of accuracy by being able to test against pre-defined property identifiers (property-based recognition) and IQ provides high ease of maintenance by being able to test against dynamic identifiers (visual recognition). By combining property-based and visual recognition techniques together, TestComplete allows test automation engineers to achieve the maximum level of test coverage with a hybrid object recognition engine.



The advancement of technology is gaining speed, and software teams in every industry are inquiring about its implications to produce highly stable, scalable, and secure applications. Teams face a spectrum of alternative approaches and tools to tackle development and performance goals -- sometimes inadequate and often hard to use. Infusing AI with traditional automated testing tools creates a hybrid engine to easily detect and test any UI element for maximum test coverage.


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