I Now Pronounce You soapUI and TestComplete!
Test and Monitor | Posted September 28, 2012

We are gathered here to join these two products together in a spirited union of testing. This joyous occasion provides great benefits to each of these products, to the rest of our close-knit family of products, and to their extended family members (our users) in their grand efforts to test today’s complex software solutions. Let’s have a moment of silence as we listen to the vows they have written to each other.

"I, TestComplete, take thee soapUI as my life partner in testing. I am here to extend all of my scripting, keyword, recording and playback capabilities to you. Please, let me be there for you to help run your TestSuites, TestCases and TestSteps. Allow me to pass information to you, as I am so happy that you are sharing your results with me that I can then share with our family member ALMComplete for all its tracecibility and test management benefits. If there are failures, let me help you by extracting the log information from test, soapUI, wsrm, http, error, jetty and more. I promise to help keep you running by periodically running your garbage collection from the memory log. I trust you completely to handle all of the web service testing that is demanded of you to handle. I think we will compliment each other well."

"I, soapUI, take thee TestComplete as my life partner in testing. I am here for you too. You can easily interact with me at the GUI or command-line level. I accept your gift of test data and test resources such as testing data, database drivers, files and other resources. I promise to always provide you with thorough findings from my test efforts and that I will always provide my results in an easy to parse text file or within my GUI, which will always be available for you to extract. I will do my best to ensure that the WebServices under test function, as expected, are secure and can handle the load we are expecting it to handle. I too, think we compliment each other well."

Thank you both for allowing us to witness your wonderful tribute to one another. I now pronounce you a joined test tool. And now, a tester's toast to the new partnership.

"Yes, I tester, who has watched these two products work hard on their own, now look forward to seeing them work together. They have given me the capability to perform both advanced client automation and web service automation. I can easily run test scenarios that allow me to perform a variety of client, server and webservice testing, as well as verify the results. For example, the Web service results are properly reflected in the client of the system with the union of these two products. With TestComplete’s family member, ALMComplete, I can easily manage all test cases for both TestComplete and soapUI within one test run.  Congratulations, TestComplete and soapUI testing tools!"

Happy Testing!


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