How to Become an Effective Tester By Reusing Tests
Test and Monitor | Posted November 04, 2015

The way applications are being built is changing. For developers building cross-platform apps is becoming easier than ever before. Take the example of the recent release of Windows 10 where developers can code once and then deploy the same code across multiple platforms such as desktop, phone, tablet, or XBOX.

Add to that, the fact that Apple, Google, and Microsoft are placing an increased prominence on bringing in developers from other programming communities to their ecosystem. Apple’s June announcement to make Swift open source, which in turn gives developers an ability to build iOS and OS X apps on non-Apple systems or Microsoft giving developers to publish Windows apps for iOS and Android with minimal editing are some of the examples in this regard.

Increased Testing Means Increased Types of Testing

These developments essentially mean that in the future more applications would be built and these applications would in turn need testing across a variety of platforms. The question then arises what do these trends mean for testers?? We will be answering these questions along with others in the upcoming webinar, How To Become an Effective Tester by Reusing Tests.

However, testing is facing more challenges than the ones mentioned above. Simultaneously, with all the above mentioned trends, organizations are under constant pressure to improve time-to-market schedules to meet accelerated delivery timeframes. Delivering on quicker release deadlines often comes with maintaining high quality functional and performance delivery criteria. Meeting such an improved time-to-delivery cannot come at the expense of quality, essentially meaning that testers are under constant pressure to cut testing time while expanding functional and performance test coverage.Add to that, the challenge arising from device fragmentation, increased API dependency, or even dealing with variety of inputs like point and click, gestures, or voice.

Reusing Your Skills While Expanding Them

The above mentioned challenges essentially mean the way applications are being tested needs to be changed. Script reusability could really come in handy while overcoming challenges mentioned above. Simultaneously, skill reusability could be useful. For instance, what if functional testers could use the same skill for performance testing? Wouldn’t that be nice?? Such a development would not only help the organization deliver faster, but also allow testers increase the value they are creating on a day-to-day basis.

On November 17, we will be discussing how reusing existing tests and skills can help testers become more effective and create more value for the organizations they are working.  If you want us to answer any questions during the webinar, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

See you on November 17 then!