How Spotify Does Test Automation

Haven’t you always wanted to know how larger companies like Spotify set up their automated tests? Well, here's your chance. Kristian Karl, test manager at Spotify, was one of the presenters at MeetUI 2013, soapUI's first-ever user conference that was held in Stockholm on May 23.

In his presentation, Kristian went through the methodology behind Spotify’s testing setup, so-called “Model-based Testing,” and showed us some examples of how Spotify's tests are configured. Beyond just the tests, working with test automation - not unit tests - has its challenges. Some of the areas Kristian covered are seperation of test design and implementation; automation of mobile, desktop and Web clients; and handling of test data and test results. He also finished off with a neat demo showing exactly how their test automation works.

Watch the video of Kristian's presentation below, or click here to see his full slide deck.


About the presenter: An 18-year veteran of software testing, Kristian has worked in telecom, finance, government and at multiple startups. Today, Kristian is the test manager at Spotify and founder of Graphwalker. Kristian has done White Box Testing, Fictional Testing, System and Integration testing and Acceptance testing but his heart beats strongest for Test Automation using Model-based Testing and Performance Testing. Connect with Kristian on Twitter.

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