Holiday Season Shopping Cart Abandonment: The Global Website Performance Epidemic
Test and Monitor | Posted November 26, 2014



Here we are again. It’s that time we prep for all year—making sure our website performance is optimized for holiday revenue, and watching our calories to save up for a little extra turkey.

In the spirit of this strange time of the year where our professional and personal lives both reach zeniths at the same time, we put together some fun, light content above that will help keep you informed on some really interesting eCommerce and web performance trends and statistics, but is also easy enough to consume and enjoy even after a second or third helping of your favorite holiday indulgence.

Please find this must read/watch new slideshare and youtube video below. Hope you enjoy, happy holidays and best of luck with the busiest of seasons!

Join the Fight Against Global Shopping Cart Abandonment! 

Time for some cold, hard facts on the global web performance crisis sweeping the eCommerce world this holiday season - and the rising movement inviting all internet retailers and eCommerce software teams to fight back!

This content above is packed with shocking industry data and statistics on shopping cart abandonment rates, holiday season eCommerce, online spending, the impact of web performance on revenue, online conversion rates, user purchasing behavior, user experience and more!

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