Hiptest Sets the Standard for Software Team Collaboration with New Living Documentation Beta Program
SmartBear announces the Hiptest Living Documentation beta program, creating the only platform that enables both business and technical team members to seamlessly collaborate on feature definitions di
Test and Monitor | Posted September 26, 2018

Are you a Behavior Driven Development (BDD)-enthusiast looking to take your software testing team to the next level? Tired of rushing to hit your target release date because of miscommunication? Are you a developer who is looking to get feedback faster? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, or you’re curious on how you can continue to deliver high quality software, faster, then check out the new Hiptest Living Documentation beta program. SmartBear announced the Hiptest Living Documentation beta program, setting a new standard for collaboration by creating the only platform that enables software teams to share feature files, in an easy to use platform with a common support language by leveraging Behavior Driven Development. 

This living documentation beta program is perfect for developers who are using GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket. Why? There is now an integration in Hiptest that allows for teams to collaborate on feature definitions directly from GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket. This means that there is now a single, universal platform that all members of a software team can use to communicate—improving clarity when sharing information and providing feedback. Not only does this ensure all team members are working towards a common goal but it also helps team members get back to what they love to do… develop great software, faster.

“A common challenge we hear in the market is the gap that exists between business stakeholders and developers,” said Laurent Py, co-founder of Hiptest. “Development teams want to be able to provide more visibility and transparency to business analysts and product managers by sharing feature files and acceptance criteria seamlessly from their code repository into a business readable documentation. The introduction of the new Living Documentation capabilities makes cross-team communication easy. Developers can share their feature files from their code repository with a few clicks, in an easy to understand language, so everyone involved on software teams can be on the same page from idea to production.”

This is just the start of new capabilities being introduced in the Hiptest Living Documentation Beta program. Those who join this beta program will receive full access to Hiptest, which will enable teams get to market faster, as well as being the first of an exclusive group to try new features that will continue to be released as a part of this beta. 

To join the Hiptest Living Documentation beta program today, visit: www.hiptest.com/living-documentation.