Highlights from DeveloperWeek 2019
Test and Monitor | Posted February 28, 2019

I just came back from my first tradeshow, DeveloperWeek in San Francisco! While I was there, my team and I talked to hundreds of attendees about our products, attended great talks, and gave away lots of free swag. We even took home a DEVIES Award along the way. Let’s dive into the event!


DeveloperWeek kicked off with the DEVIES Awards, with categories for best innovation in cloud tools, DevOps, AI, Data Development, AR, and more. We were thrilled to accept the DEVIES for Best Innovation in App Analytics/Testing for our automated UI testing tool, TestComplete.


We had many great conversations at the booth with attendees on everything from test automation, to the best ways to build and scale your APIs, to shifting left and more. One of the hot topics was test automation and how to increase test coverage. Because testing continues to be an integral part of the SDLC, organizations are either looking to start UI testing, or to improve their current strategy and tooling. While some developers said they struggle to organize and scale multiple APIs at once, many told us that they use SwaggerHub to help them manage their APIs and documentation.


We attended tracks on AI, programming, dev tools, and more, and one of my favorite talks was the keynote on Atlassian’s Journey to Microservices by Sri Viswanath, CTO of Atlassian. Did you know it took Atlassian over 10 months to migrate over 100,000 Jira and Confluence customer instances? Sri walked us through some of the biggest wins and challenges they faced. The most important takeaway was that with a project of this size, you can’t avoid chaos, so it’s crucial to have the right tools in place to help manage the chaos.

One of the coolest things I saw was Misty, this personal robot by Misty Robotics, who was rolling around the expo hall! She’s a programmable robot designed specifically for developers to write out skills and personalize her for their needs. She’s so intelligent, she can manually navigate her environment and perform facial and object recognition to perform tasks. If you want her to monitor your house while you’re away, she can take photos and videos of anything she recognizes as an intruder – just write the skill, and she’ll perform the task.  


I got to sit down with Jan Kleinert, Developer Advocate for OpenShift, and E.G. Nadhan, Chief Technology Strategist, both speakers at DeveloperWeek from Red Hat. While chatting about some of the popular trends and tools in the developer world, Jan told me that she sees the fast pace of changing technologies and frameworks to be one of the biggest challenges for developers. E.G. also gave me some insight on the latest project he’s working on at Red Hat. It aims to add add AI to open source to track project patterns and make accurate predictions on the success of a project. It would make the process of developing projects much more productive. You can read more on the advantages of AI in open source in his post here


That’s a wrap from my experience at DeveloperWeek 2019! Did you attend too? Share your experience and favorite moments with us by tweeting @SmartBear with #DevWeek2019. I look forward to seeing your posts!