Hearts for Carts: Join the fight against shopping cart abandonment
Test and Monitor | Posted June 10, 2014

Did you know that roughly 68% of all online shopping carts are abandoned every year? How about the fact that 1-in-5 carts are abandoned as a result of "poor Web performance," and that 47% of online consumers expect pages to load in two seconds or less? Or what if I told you that an estimated $3 trillion will be left behind in those abandoned shopping carts in 2014 alone?

Sadly, it's all true, and these statistics are just the first byte of an online shopping crisis that is impacting millions of E-commerce sites across our planet.

SmartBear Software is proud to announce that we have started the Hearts for Carts campaign to fight against this ongoing E-Commerce tragedy. For years, online businesses have felt that they were alone in solving this problem, but the truth is that there people who are willing to help. There are people out there who are just waiting to help you improve your website's user experience and, as a result, your shopping cart abandonment rate. Now is the time to make a promise to your users and yourself that you will do everything you can to provide them with an extraordinary user experience on your website.

Follow these three simple steps to join the fight against shopping cart abandonment:

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Share with video with your colleagues and friends to educate them about the risks of shopping cart abandonment
  3. Sign up for your free trial of AlertSite UXM today.

Following these three easy steps could drastically improve your customer's user experience, and could make a serious difference on cart abandonment on your website.

Thank you for your time and for doing your part. Together, we can work to eliminate shopping cart abandonment!

Improve your user experience today

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