Healthcare Data Solutions Reduces API Test Set Up Time by More Than 80% Using SoapUI NG Pro
Test and Monitor | Posted March 28, 2017

Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS), now part of IMS Health, provides continuously verified data to healthcare businesses, enabling them to make intelligent, cost-effective decisions while also remaining compliant with regulations.

HDS aggregates large data sets from healthcare providers/healthcare organization and delivers the data to businesses that provide email, data management, compliance, marketing and sales services to the healthcare, life science and pharmacy industries. The APIs that the HDS software team develops for these applications play a critical role in how effectively the information-delivery systems perform.

While testing with their APIs, the QA team realized that that many of their projects were hitting a massive bottleneck and consequently hindering their ability to meet release dates.

“At one point we had to delay the release of a project for a whole fiscal quarter, which had significant ripple effects on other priorities,” says Roland Wimpey, Software QA Manager for HDS. “It sometimes took us two or three days just to set up our testing processes.”

Wimpey and his team began looking for a data-driven solution that offered point-and-click testing without requiring scripts, and also had easy-to-use features for non-developers in the testing process.

The team turned to  SoapUI NG Pro, and reduced their API test set-up time by more than 80%. Built on an open core framework, SoapUI NG Pro provides complete functional testing capabilities for SOAP, REST and other development protocols. SoapUI NG Pro users are able to customize their experience by using plugins from Ready! API---a true API readiness platform that lets QA teams set up projects and workspaces in one central location.

"As we continue to improve the way we utilize the SoapUI NG Pro tool in the Ready! API platform, we are seeing improvements that put us onto the path of even better testing coverage," Wimpey says. "We can now deliver feedback to the software development team in a timelier manner and achieve our on-time delivery goals."

In addition, HDS now has the ability to data-drive automated test, and run regression testing of the same situation across multiple environments, thus further reducing time spent setting up and running API tests. The team also uses SoapUI NG Pro coverage reports to communicate with management which APIs are being tested.

“By communicating what we are testing in real time to management, they can respond and re-direct our activities when necessary,” Wimpey says. “This helps us make sure the QA Team is focused on the testing that will deliver the greatest value to the company.”


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