Google Chrome Plus Extensions: Plus or Minus?
Test and Monitor | Posted August 03, 2011

As anyone who’s written serious software knows, application performance issues come in all shapes and sizes, and not necessarily when or where you expect to see them. It’s one story when a well defined (and hopefully well managed) development team handles the entire application. The story becomes entirely different when you’re talking about open source software, open platforms for the web, or social networks. The more social the modern web environment becomes for the consumer and developer, the more gotchas the unsuspecting users are likely to see.

Growing Pains for Google’s Chrome and Google+

As I mentioned in a guest post that ReadWriteWeb published today, Google Chrome and the Google+ platform seem to be suffering from growing pains. Chrome has a well-deserved reputation for speed and reliability. Fast forward to the Google+ social experiment and Chrome’s role as a platform for third party extensions. Chrome’s supremacy might be quickly compromised by the “social developers” for Google+.

Possible Performance Problems with Google+ Extensions

The new extensions can be developed by practically anybody, from a seasoned web programmer to a high school kid dreaming about becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg. The extensions might have performance problems of their own (read: quickly hacked together code) that affect the perceived user experience, or they might have some hard-to-anticipate dependencies on external data streams, web services, or servers and thus indirectly affect Chrome's overall performance. All of these issues can and do result in substantially reduced browser performance and a degraded user experience. And that takes some of the shine off the Chrome brand.

What Do You Think? Get Involved in the Discussion...

We are well known in the business of helping developers produce high-quality applications and extensions with the least effort. Please share with us and the community what kind of problems you face in developing the Google+ ecosystem, what tools you use now, and what tools you think you might need in the future.

Have you ever built a Chrome extension? How do you recommend testing it?


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