Getting Started with API Load Testing
Test and Monitor | Posted May 04, 2017

Application Downtime is Largely Avoidable

The explosive growth of APIs in recent years has brought the importance of load testing them to the forefront. A seemingly constant stream of cringe-worthy stories about performance issues often brings these preventable issues into the public eye.

From the NYSE’s outage that caused stock trading to close for hours, to Amazon’s #PrimeDayFail where shoppers had issues with eCommerce checkout, and CBS Sports’ app getting overwhelmed on the first day of March Madness last month, an immeasurable amount of lost revenue is left on the table every year.

So how do you prevent these issues before they affect your end users, and perhaps more importantly, your public reputation and bottom line? Load testing your APIs is a good way to start.

API Load Testing 101

Whether you’re new to APIs, or just need a tune-up on some best practices for load testing them, the fundamentals are a great place to start. Your applications rely on APIs on the backend to communicate with other applications, and testing to make sure they can handle a spike in users critical to their success. If one of the APIs can't handle the load — regardless of whether it's an internal API or a 3rd party API like Google Maps — your application and business could suffer the consequences.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you hit the ground running. It starts by diving deeper into the question of load testing APIs, walks you through the basics, and helps you interpret the results.

Some key topics covered in this 25-page eBook include:

• Requirements for load testing APIs

• 6 different types of performance tests

• Key performance indicators and metrics for load testing

• Understanding and analyzing reports

• How LoadUI NG Pro makes it easy to get started

Download the API Load Testing 101 eBook Now

Simplified API Load Testing: No Scripting Necessary

Load testing is often perceived as complicated and thus, in many organizations, gets delegated to specialized load testing experts — because many load testing tools (like LoadRunner and JMeter) require writing complicated scripts. Writing scripts is time consuming and expensive, and doesn't align well with the agile methodology.

For teams looking to be more agile and perform API load testing in-line with functional testing, LoadUI NG Pro is a solution that allows functional testers to create sophisticated performance tests without scripting (by utilizing "point-and-click" functionality) and reusing their functional tests as load tests with a single right-click.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how it works!

You'll learn how to:

• Create robust load tests in LoadUI NG Pro through an intuitive UI, without any scripts

• Configure your tests with data to ensure every possible load scenario is covered

• Reuse functional test scripts from SoapUI NG Pro as performance tests in LoadUI NG Pro

• Ensure your servers keep pace with your growing APIs by monitoring web servers

• Create a distributed load testing strategy using AWS or Azure

Watch the Webinar Now

API Load Testing without Scripting


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