Getting Help in TestComplete 4
Test and Monitor | Posted October 27, 2005

When learning TestComplete, or just exploring new functionalities you may need to get all possible help on the subject. With TestComplete 4's general release right around the corner, we thought we would give you a break down of all the help features available to you. There are so many ways to receive help from AutomatedQA:

  • TestComplete 4 Help File

  • AutomatedQA's Website

  • AutomatedQA's User Forum

  • Email Support

  • News Groups

  • TestComplete 4 FAQ

  • AutomatedQA Training Seminars

  • TestComplete 4 Help File

    TestComplete 4's help file consists of many topics aimed at providing you with all the information required to get the job done. TestComplete 4 contains context-sensitive help which allows users to access the exact topic for the feature they are working with. For example, the help file is called when you place the cursor on a property or method name in the Code Editor and press F1. The help file is also called when you press F1 for properties or methods in the object browser.

    For new users, TestComplete 4's help file contains the Getting Started section. This section is a series of help topics that provide information about TestComplete. Also, it has a step by step tutorial that ranges from creating projects, to finding why the error happens in your test. The Getting Started section uses the OdersDemo in its examples. The OrdersDemo is installed with TestComplete 4. The Getting Started section is also provided in .PDF format, so users can print it and follow along on the computer.

    AutomatedQA Website

    AutomatedQA's Website contains everything from product information to technical papers and tutorials. Below are some of the references you can use in case you need help.

  • Technical Papers

  • Tutorials

  • Working With Third-Party Grids in TestComplete

  • Overview for Non-Developers

  • Some of the above links are for TestComplete 3, but are still useful for working with TestComplete 4. We will post updated links as they become available.

    AutomaedQA and Other User Forums

    AutomatedQA and others provide user forums for working with issues, posting questions or just discussing testing in general.

  • AutomatedQA User Forum

  • AutomatedQA Community


  • TestComplete

  • Email Support

    AutomatedQA provides free, unlimited email support to all customers through You can also subscribe to a priority support service that includes, 12 months of priority e-mail support where you will receive answers within 24 hours or faster, plus free product updates. The priority support is provided on an annual basis at the cost of the product. For more information, please visit our Web site at

    News Groups

    AutomatedQA provides news groups where you can read tips and tricks or post your questions. To access the news groups click the link:

    TestComplete 4 FAQ

    AutomatedQA provides Frequently Asked Questions through their website ( These FAQ's provide helpful information on standard questions.

    TestComplete 4 Training Seminars

    AutomatedQA provides training seminars online and in a classroom atmosphere. You can find training seminar information here on the community or at and

    As you can see, through the methods provided by AutomatedQA, it is easy to find information using one of the supplied help systems (Help File, User Forums, Email Support, Training Seminars, AutomatedQA Website or FAQ) or just review what everyone else is doing with TestComplete by reading the Community blogs, QA Forums or News Groups. So get started and post your questions or take in some information from one of our sites!


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